Gorgeous Motherhood Session by Olive and Aster Photo 

Thao Tsuda is a family photographer based out of Colorado and her is breathtaking!

From Thao "I beleive that art is a reflection of how the artist views the world.  With my work, I choose to use photography as a way to showcase all the beauty and joy that parenthood has to offer. I want parents to remember all those sweet butterfly kisses, the warmth of their child's hand in theirs, and how it felt when you were their world. Because at the end of it all, it's the love and connection that makes all the long days and nights, mountains of laundry and dishes worthwhile. :)"

Scroll down to see some of the dreamiest light and color rich moments between a mom and baby and if you keep scrolling we will fill you in on which preset and what gear Thao uses and some before and after eye candy so you can see the editing magic!




The Gear & Presets Thao used for this session.

Thao captured this session with a Nikon z6 and Nikkor 35mm lens and Nikon d750 with 50mm and 80mm lenses. Then culled and edited the beautiful family session in Lightroom CC Classic with REFINED I presets. 


We know you all love a good before and after so you can see the power of the presets in action!

At Refined Co, our premium presets and editing tools amplify what makes your creativity unique to consistently produce the elevated look you want. We collaborate with our favorite photographers so that you can borrow the best of their work to seamlessly elevate yours.

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