17 Photography Trends To Watch Out For In 2024

KT Merry

Photography is always undergoing a constant evolution. And as photographers, understanding and adapting to new photography trends is not just beneficial—it's necessary for professional growth and to remain relevant. 

When it comes to current trends in photography, experimenting with emerging artistic methods and testing alternative tech can make a huge difference in your work. If you’re aiming to excel in this constantly evolving field, keep reading. This article will delve into photography industry trends in 2024.

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KT Merry


1. True to Color Editing

True to Color is an ongoing shift towards more authenticity in photography. It’s an approach that works for every photographer, ensuring your images reflect reality accurately minus heavy color grading or correction

Our REFINED II preset collection, designed for clean whites and blacks, aligns with this trend in photography. If you’re looking to adopt this style, focus on your camera's white balance. A correct white balance setting is key to achieving natural-looking colors. 

2. Unedited Look

This photography trend places an emphasis on raw beauty and it’s becoming increasingly popular. It's all about capturing life as it is, slightly underexposed and desaturated. Our REFINED x Ali Harper’s Matte preset leans into this aesthetic. 

To embrace this trend, dial back on editing. Let your images breathe with their natural imperfections. This style teaches photographers, regardless of experience, to appreciate and capture the inherent beauty of a moment. 

3. Dark and Moody

The dark and moody style is now a mainstream trend. For example, more photographers have been shifting away from light and airy over to this style - especially in interior and product photography. 

To achieve this look in color or black and white, play with shadows and subdued lighting. Use a single light source to create a dramatic effect. 

Remember, this trend in photography isn’t just for experts. It's a style available for all photographers to explore the impact of light and shadow on mood and texture.


4. Drone Footage

Drone footage is soaring in popularity as a photography industry trend, especially for wedding coverage. These flying cameras offer stunning overhead reception shots and bird's eye views of venues, adding a spectacular dimension to your events. 

For photographers looking to enhance their service offerings, consider investing in a drone. Start with basic models, like the DJI Mini 4 Pro, and practice capturing different perspectives. Remember, drone usage requires understanding local regulations, so make sure to stay informed.

5. Film Cameras

Film photography is still a mainstream trend, whether you’re shooting film or working to achieve the film-like aesthetic with digital. Our film presets capture this timeless charm, offering a warm, depth-filled aesthetic for your digital shots. 

If you're a digital photographer intrigued by this new trend in photography, try incorporating film presets in your post-processing. They provide a simple yet effective way to achieve that classic film look, connecting your images to a bygone era.

6. Revival of Vintage Lenses

Vintage lenses are the latest trend in the photography world. These lenses bring a unique character to your images, combining past aesthetics with modern technology. 

For those new to vintage lenses, try the Helios 44-2 for its dreamy bokeh or the Canon FD lenses for their sharpness. Remember, you’ll likely need adapters or fringers to connect these vintage gems to your modern camera, but they’re worth it for opening a world of creative possibilities.

7. Specialized Lenses for Niche Photography

Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on specialized lenses for specific genres, a significant trend in photography. For example, Canon's autofocus tilt-shift patent could be a breakthrough for architectural photography. 

If you specialize in a particular field, consider investing in such specialized lenses. They provide the precise tools needed to elevate your work, whether it's macro, astrophotography, or architectural shots.

8. Spinning Platform 360 Videography

360 photo booths have been reshaping event photography by offering immersive experiences. These booths capture a full 360-degree view, creating content that stands out on social media. 

If you're looking to add an edge to your event photography services, consider incorporating a 360 photo booth. It's not only a trendy photography addition, but also a great way for your customers to create shareable and dynamic content that promotes your expertise.

9. Hybrid Photography-Videography

A hybrid approach to both photography and videography is essential in today's multifaceted visual storytelling landscape. For instance, newborn photographers can offer a blend of stills and videos, capturing a baby's movements and the connection with parents. 

Embracing this trend means learning to seamlessly switch between photography and videography. As photographers, it does involve a slight learning curve. But it’ll benefit your portfolio in the long run and help you meet the diverse needs of your clientele.


10. More Candid Images

The shift towards candid, authentic images is becoming one of the standard photography industry trends. This style resonates across genres, capturing raw, unposed moments. 

To adopt this approach, stay observant and ready to capture spontaneous interactions. Doing so will add a sense of realism and depth to your work.

11. Direct Flash

Direct Flash is making a comeback in various photography genres, not just on the dance floor at weddings. This technique, reminiscent of old film and disposable cameras, delivers sharp, hard-lit images with deep shadows. 

To achieve this look, try shooting with a flash at a closer range. It’s all about capturing the spontaneity of the moment, whether you’re shooting a bustling city scene or an intimate gathering. This style offers a dynamic, edgy feel that's becoming a staple in trendy photography.

12. Artistic Silhouettes and Shadows

This year, expect to see more photographers playing with light and shadow to craft artistic silhouettes. The interplay of light and shadow is essential in creating striking images

This is true whether it's a romantic wedding shot during golden hour or a dramatic portrait beneath a canopy of trees. Look for strong light sources and contrasting backgrounds to achieve this effect.

13. Creative Narratives

2024 is all about storytelling in photography. Move beyond traditional photo sequences to capture spontaneous, unexpected moments. This approach applies to various photography styles, where the aim is to weave together a narrative that reflects the genuine, unscripted moments of life.

14. Pantone’s Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz is Pantone's Color of the Year for 2024. It’s a warm, subtle hue set to influence various creative fields. 

Incorporate this color in your shoots through props or backdrops. This simple addition can make your work resonate with current trends in photography, suitable for both commercial and artistic projects. It offers a chance for photographers at any level to play with color and its effects on visual storytelling.

15. Motion in Images

In 2024, we're witnessing a captivating new trend in photography: embracing motion to capture the essence of life's dynamism. Clients are increasingly requesting images that convey movement, from the subtle blur of a twirling dancer to the energetic rush of people in motion.

This style focuses on conveying the energy and emotion of scenes, utilizing techniques like slow shutter speeds to create a sense of dynamism. You should explore how movement can enhance your own storytelling and add depth to your compositions. 


16. Second Cameraperson

The role of the second cameraperson in photography is being redefined, shifting from assistant to a key creative contributor. They bring diversity through innovative means like drone footage, mobile photography for behind-the-scenes content, and social media stories. And utilizing creative gear such as Holga film cameras, they capture unique and artistic shots like motion blur images. 

This evolution meets clients' increasing demand for variety and style in their photo collections, blending classic and contemporary approaches.

17. Diverse Portfolios

There's been a significant new trend in photography in recent years towards portfolio diversification. Most professionals are branching out into various genres like stock, brand, product, food, and real estate photography. 

Diversifying your portfolio showcases to potential clients that you’re versatile and adaptable - crucial traits in the current photography landscape. Adding variety can also open up new opportunities, bring passive income, and provide some stability in an ever-changing market. For a deeper dive into how to earn a passive income as a photographer, check out our free downloadable guide.

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KT Merry


In 2024, the landscape of photography is more dynamic than ever, with emerging trends shaping how we capture and perceive the world. From the authenticity of true to color editing to the revival of vintage lends, these trends in photography are here to define this upcoming year.


As photographers, be encouraged to explore and integrate these existing and new trends in photography. As we adapt and evolve with these new photography trends, we not only enhance our skills but also enrich the stories we get to share through our lenses.

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